Highland Products Swiss-Type machining equipment is the most recent, technologically advanced means of production available. This commitment to staying on top of improved modes of production translates into a higher quality product, more efficient production and faster turnaround time. The flexibility of this equipment allows us to meet a vast array of product specifications, from the simplest to the most challenging; and varied quantities, from one to over a million parts.

Our Equipment Includes the following CNC and Inspection Equipment:

CNC Lathes

10 Citizen 7-Axis L20 VII Swiss Style Screw Machine 13/16" max. bar capacity, with Latest Hydro Bar Express Loader
1 Citizen 12-Axis M16 Swiss Style Screw Machine 5/8" max. bar capacity, with LNS Mini Sprint Bar Loader
2 Citizen 8-Axis E32 IV Swiss Style Screw Machine 1-1/4" max. bar capacity, with LNS Mini Sprint Bar Loader
2 Citizen 13-Axis M32 Swiss Style Screw Machine w/Y-Axis, 1-1/4" max. bar capacity, with Hydrobar Express 332 Bar Loaders

Inspection Equipment

  • Brown and Sharpe Profile 50
  • ROI Omis II 6 x 12 CNC Video Inspection Machine
  • 2-S-T Industries Optical Comparators with Quadra-Check 200
  • Olympus 10 through 60 power Microscope with 35mm photography
  • Gauge blocks
  • Gauge pins .011 through 1.0000 (.001 increments)
  • 24" Mitutoya Hightmatic Electronic Height Gauge